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customstuff portable?!?!?

2010-08-16 20:04:25 by customstuff

Hello! Have you ever listened to one of my songs and said "Wow, I wish I could listen to this on my ipod/phone/whatevermadoodle!"

Well guess what?

Now introducing... MAI SONGZ ON TEH YOUTUBEZ!!1!

Starting now, I am uploading my best songs onto my youtube channel "customstuff"
I only have The Wahblez uploaded as of now (clicky to listen!) but I will upload more (with amazing, high quality, MSPaint art!)

As a bonus, you get to see a bunch of stupid, random videos I made with friends!
Go ahead, listen to The Wahblez and leave a comment, like, and subscribe! :D

You may also leave ideas for me to try in the comment section beeellllloooooowww ;)
Anything goes. I will try my best to get the best suggestions done! (please don't make it something ridiculous that would take me months to do though, no "make a day-long song" or anything!)

Thanks for reading,
I thought I'd give my fans something speshul! xD


I'm thinking I might give out my xbox live gamertag once I hit a certain amount of views, or some sort of milestone like that. :o


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